The “Gusto’s”

The story of Podere Gusto stems from the passion of two brothers for growing vines and winemaking and has its roots in Rauscedo in the “Friuli Grave” area. Here Agostino and Tarcisio, the sons of Augusto (hence the family nickname “Gusto”), grew to love the land and vines from a young age.

In the 1970s and ‘80s their family’s grafted vine production business enabled them to learn about advanced cultivation techniques, which Tarcisio applied along with his experience in planting vineyards.

Travelling around Italy and visiting farms and estates as part of his work, Tarcisio came across a farm in Tuscany that struck him due to its remarkable exposure, soil and microclimate. He saw the potential to upgrade it and produce great wines using the knowledge he had gained over many years of working in the field. Agostino set up a family team comprising the young members of the “Gusto” family, Ilaria, Damiano and Massimo. This was the beginning of Podere Gusto.

The territory

Podere Gusto covers an area of 30 hectares at the foot of the eastern slopes of Mount Amiata in the Montecucco area. The seven hectares of vineyards are located at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level and feature slopes ranging from 5 to 15%. Sheltered by the mountain, an extinct volcano, the influence of Tyrrhenian Sea breezes, an optimum southerly exposure and soil with a strong lava and mineral structure create a unique, ideal microclimate for vine cultivation.

The vineyard and the cellar

Our strengths are the terroir and climate. The volcanic soils produce powerful, mineral-rich, well-structured wines while the dry, well-ventilated climate imparts distinctive features such as acidity, a balanced pH and substantial alcohol content. Meticulous work in the vineyard, with pruning and thinning being carried out throughout the vine’s annual cycle, enable us to produce 5,000-5,500 kg/ha.

The result is a high quality base that produces clean wines of remarkable structure and elegance.

Our philosophy is to use only perfectly ripe, healthy, high quality grapes and to vinify naturally, without adding any selected yeasts.