The “Gusto’s”

The story of Podere Gusto comes from the passion of two brothers for the world of winemaking. A story that has its roots in the village of Rauscedo - “Friuli grave” area (stony surface), in Friuli Region. Here Agostino and Tarcisio, sons of Augusto (hence the “Gusto’s” family nickname), learn from kids the love for  land and wines. In the ‘70s and ‘80s their company involved in the production of  grafted wines allows them to learn advanced farming techniques that Tarcisio implemented with its experience in plant vineyards.

Just turning Italy and farms with his work, Tarcisio is lucky enough to find a farm in Tuscany that affects him immediately for his characteristics of exposure, ground and microclimate, guesses an opportunity to elevate the production of great wines thanks to the knowledge gained in the field over many years.
Agostino sets up the family-team involving young “Gusto’s”, Ilaria (his daughter), Damiano and Massimo (the sons of Tarcisio).
Thus was born Podere Gusto.


Podere Gusto covers an area of 30 Ha at the foot of the east side of Mount Amiata. The 7 hectares of vineyards are located at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level with slopes that vary between 5-15%.
Protection of the mountain, influence of sea breezes, optimum exposure and volcanic soil create a unique ideal microclimate for vine growing.

The meticulous work in the vineyard provides a green pruning at 20-30 cm that allows a better maturation of future fruit branches. Pre-flowering leaf removal and post-flowering leaf removal ensure a balanced exposure to the bunch.
The grape selection begins 20-30 days before the grape harvest by making a thinning that with the further selection of the best grapes during the grape harvest brings the production to 50-55 quintals/hectare.


The philosophy of PODERE GUSTO is to bring in the winery a very high quality product, son of the careful work in the vineyard in order to continue the winemaking in the most natural way possible.

Fermentation 100% natural thanks to the only indigenous yeasts, extraction of color and tannins through slow maceration and malolactic fermentation at controlled temperatures give birth to our Sangiovese and our blend Spavento, which will rest for 24 months in tanks and 12 months in bottle.